December New Releases: We’ve Got ELRIC! and HEINLEIN! And LEIBOWITZ!

Truly, the Lords of Chaos and Order do battle upon the spheres of SF Gateway, ever shifting the balance this way and then that. Or, as some would have it: there’s good news and bad news. And good news. Possibly. Wait. What? OK. First, the good news: we have a tranche of almost forty new […]

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The SF Gateway Xmas Sale is Here!

As mentioned last week, the 2014 SF Gateway Xmas Sale will be a bit different this year. We’ve decided to take our curational duties seriously, this festive period, and will be putting forward a suggested 15 Authors You Should Read in 2015. To be clear: these aren’t the only authors you should read in 2015. […]

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The SF Gateway Xmas Sale is Coming . . .

It may have escaped some people’s attention (and, to be clear, we’re referring to those who have spent the last few months trapped in nuclear bunkers or marooned on remote Pacific islands) but the festive period is upon us.  Trees are being decorated, wine mulled, cards written, thinly-veiled-excuses-for-a-drink taken up and businesses engaging in an […]

Picking Up Speed

You might have noted – with some frustration – that the SF Gateway website has been slowing down of late; we certainly have. And if it’s frustrating for us, we can only imagine how annoying it is for you. But fear not! Help is at hand!  Our excellent coding elves have been delving deep into […]

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Apologies: Data Feed Error

Many apologies to those who were expecting to be able to find a tranche of new titles published at the end of last week – including a batch of books by the late, great Robert Sheckley. We seem to have suffered a data feed error, so the information that poweres the SF Gateway website hasn’t […]

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SF Gateway Title Schedule Update

Some blog posts are interesting. We’d like to think that most of ours fall under that category – and if you’re reading this, we guess you’d agree (we hope so, anyway!). Some blog posts are less interesting (and, in the interests of self awareness and honesty, we’d have to fess up to being responsible for […]

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Marion Zimmer Bradley

Allegations about Marion Zimmer Bradley have surfaced in the last couple of weeks, including a statement from her daughter, Moira Greyland, that she was sexually abused by her mother.  Ms Bradley died in 1999 and therefore cannot answer these charges, nor are we in a position to comment on them; we are also mindful of […]

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Title Update

This is a public service announcement: the SF Gateway downloadable spreadsheet [opens in Excel] has now been updated. Happy Monday!  

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Readers Choice Winner for January

And now . . . the end is near . . . and so we face . . . the final curtain . . . What’s that? We suffer from an overdeveloped sense of melodrama? Rubbish. What possible evidence do you have to support that?  What? Oh. Right. Well. When you look at it that […]

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Hellos and Goodbyes

A couple of changes are coming up for the SF Gateway website from next month: one presaged last year and one a response to circumstances. So, as noted when the Xmas Sale started last year, it’s ‘hello again’ to the Author of the Month slot, which will continue much as it left off in December, […]

What Book Is That? Calling the Gateway Hive Mind . . .

We sometimes receive emails or forum posts from readers asking us to help them identify books from their past. Often, we’re able to help, but this one has us stymied. I don’t know whether it betrays a feline blindspot in our reading habits or whether it’s just a product of statistics that, sooner or later, […]

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We’re Baaaacckkk . . .

Good day to you, sentient lifeforms everywhere.  The SF Gateway is back, you’ll be pleased/shocked/indifferent to hear [delete as appropriate]. Although 2014 is already six days old, we’re going to move trough the gears at a sedate pace this week, with a view to being back at cruising speed next week. So there’ll be a […]

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Merry Christmas!

What are you doing here? There’s mulled wine to be drunk, turkey to be eaten, presents to be unwrapped, Doctor Who to be watched and friends and family to be with. Go on: go and be festive. We’ll be here when you get back. Assuming you get back in January . . .

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2013 Christmas Sale!

Friends! Romans! Countrymen! Lend me your ears. I come to bury Caesar not to . . . er . . . look, to be perfectly honest, that conceit kind of breaks down at this point – and that’s before we even consider the difficulties of being stabbed in the rotunda – so do you mind […]

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Interlude: SF Gateway Omnibus of the Week

If you’ve just come here from the SF Gateway website, you’ll no doubt have noticed that the Author of the Month promotion has disappeared. Fear not! It’s not permanent. We’re still committed to highlighting a different author each month with the goal of helping introduce some of you to new writers while reacquainting others with […]

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