SF Gateway Title Schedule Update

Some blog posts are interesting. We’d like to think that most of ours fall under that category – and if you’re reading this, we guess you’d agree (we hope so, anyway!).

Some blog posts are less interesting (and, in the interests of self awareness and honesty, we’d have to fess up to being responsible for a few of those; sorry).

Some blog posts are downright dull (and we’re aware that we’re heading into that third category with every word we type). BUT . . . sometimes the dull posts are useful and informative, and we hope this is the case here. So, without further ado . . .

We are very pleased to let you all know that  the spreadsheet of complete SF Gateway titles has now been updated to include titles published up to the end of October. It’s available to download from SFGateway.com [Excel file], and we hope it’s useful.


We now return you to your regular viewing.