Robert Sheckley

Gateway Essentials: Robert Sheckley

Robert Sheckley was born and educated in New York. He received an undergraduate degree from New York University in 1951 after a varied career that included time spent as a landscape gardener, a milkman and […]

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Galactic Journey: Store of Infinity

We began the week with a nod to the wonderful Galactic Journey and have decided to bookend our first week back with another post from the same source. As we’re sure you know by now,¬†Galactic […]

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Apologies: Data Feed Error

Many apologies to those who were expecting to be able to find a tranche of new titles published at the end of last week – including a batch of books by the late, great Robert […]

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The 10th Victim

This is a public service announcement. Fans of classic SF cinema need to know that today sees the release of the dual-format DVD & Blu-Ray version of The 10th Victim, Elio Petri‘s 1965 film, starring […]

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