Apologies: Data Feed Error

Many apologies to those who were expecting to be able to find a tranche of new titles published at the end of last week – including a batch of books by the late, great Robert Sheckley. We seem to have suffered a data feed error, so the information that poweres the SF Gateway website hasn’t been generated. This is very frustrating but we want to assure you that:

(a) we’re urgently investigating and hoep to have the problem fixed soon, and

(b) all of the books affected were still published and are available through all the regular retail channels.

In order to help you find them, here’s the complate list of books published last Thursday, 30th October:

Title Author ISBN
Charles Sheffield SF Gateway Omnibus Charles Sheffield 9781473202139
Sins of Omission Chelsea Quinn Yarbro 9781473206984
A Mortal Glamour Chelsea Quinn Yarbro 9781473207011
Firecode Chelsea Quinn Yarbro 9781473207059
Wildcatter Dave Duncan 9781473206540
Tarzan’s Quest and Other Tales Edgar Rice Burroughs 9781473202092
Doctor Orient Frank Lauria 9781473207172
Lady Sativa Frank Lauria 9781473207196
The Awakening Gary Alan Wassner 9781473206922
The Waterborn Greg Keyes 9781473207141
Expendable James Alan Gardner 9781473206618
Radiant James Alan Gardner 9781473206755
The Treasure of Alpheus Winterborn John Bellairs 9781473206823
Conspirators of Gor John Norman 9781473206809
Climb the Wind Pamela Sargent 9781473207080
The Mountain Cage Pamela Sargent 9781473207134
Eye of Flame Pamela Sargent 9781473207110
Ribofunk Paul DiFilippo 9781473206458
Roadside Bodhisattva Paul DiFilippo 9781473206465
Fractal Paisleys Paul DiFilippo 9781473206397
Harsh Oases Paul DiFilippo 9781473206403
Little Doors Paul DiFilippo 9781473206427
Lost Pages Paul DiFilippo 9781473206434
Trade Secrets Ray Garton 9781473207233
Trailer Park Noir Ray Garton 9781473207349
Seductions Ray Garton 9781473207202
Ravenous Ray Garton 9781473207318
Victim Prime Robert Sheckley 9781473207431
Draconian New York Robert Sheckley 9781473207462
Immortality Inc Robert Sheckley 9781473207493
Options Robert Sheckley 9781473207547
The Alchemical Marriage of Alistair Crompton Robert Sheckley 9781473207554
Uncanny Tales Robert Sheckley 9781473207691
The Game of X Robert Sheckley 9781473207523
Divine Intervention Robert Sheckley 9781473207585
Store of Infinity Robert Sheckley 9781473207639
Pilgrimage to Earth Robert Sheckley 9781473207615
A Witness to Life Terence M. Green 9781473206786


Many apologies for the problem. Our Gnomes of IT are working away at it even as we speak.