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What Book Was That?

We’ve had a reader post over on the forum, looking for information on a couple of books they read many years ago. We thought we’d help them out by consulting the Hive Mind. If any readers can help with the titles and/or authors of the following books, please leave a comment: Book One Ok first […]

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Clearing the Air

Given the amount of correspondence of a remarkably similar nature, which we’ve received over the last month or so, it seemed like a good time for us to clear the air and debunk what seems to be a popular myth: namely, that if an author doesn’t currently appear on SF Gateway, it means that we […]

The SF Gateway Xmas Sale is Coming . . .

It may have escaped some people’s attention (and, to be clear, we’re referring to those who have spent the last few months trapped in nuclear bunkers or marooned on remote Pacific islands) but the festive period is upon us.  Trees are being decorated, wine mulled, cards written, thinly-veiled-excuses-for-a-drink taken up and businesses engaging in an […]

Hellos and Goodbyes

A couple of changes are coming up for the SF Gateway website from next month: one presaged last year and one a response to circumstances. So, as noted when the Xmas Sale started last year, it’s ‘hello again’ to the Author of the Month slot, which will continue much as it left off in December, […]

What Book Is That? Calling the Gateway Hive Mind . . .

We sometimes receive emails or forum posts from readers asking us to help them identify books from their past. Often, we’re able to help, but this one has us stymied. I don’t know whether it betrays a feline blindspot in our reading habits or whether it’s just a product of statistics that, sooner or later, […]

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