Arthur C Clarke

On This Day: John Wyndham

John Wyndham Parkes Lucas Beynon Harris was born on this day in 1903 (or possibly 1902 – it’s a long story), and the world would never look at meteor showers or blonde-haired children in quite […]

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The Titanic: 105 Years On

105 years ago today, the most famous of all maritime disasters occurred: the RMS Titanic struck an iceberg south of Newfoundland. The Titanic’s hull containing sixteen separate airtight compartments, causing some to refer to it […]

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On This Day: Isaac Asimov

The great Isaac Asimov died twenty-five years ago today, in New York. He was a compelling science writer and a hugely important science fiction writer. Along with fellow greats Arthur C. Clarke and Robert A. […]

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Gateway Essentials: Arthur C. Clarke

A long time ago (OK: 1917, if you want to be precise), in a galaxy far, far away (well, yes: Minehead in Somerset, if you must be a pedant) . . . Arthur Charles Clarke […]

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But Will I Like It: Earthlight

With the front pages currently obsessed with whether or not Britain should stay in the European Union and the back pages obsessed with how long England, Wales and Northern Ireland can remain in the European […]

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Now on Your Television Screens: Childhood’s End

Our current Masterworks Spotlight comes with a short visual presentation for your entertainment! Childhood’s End is Arthur C. Clarke‘s transcendent masterpiece, the book that shows most clearly the influence of Olaf Stapledon on his writing. […]

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Five of the Best . . . Moon novels!

Look no further: today on the Gateway blog we have five of the best moon-based novels you could ever hope to read . . .   A Fall of Moondust by Arthur C. Clarke Time […]

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New Title Spotlight: Flatland

Q: When is a new title not a new title? A: When it was first published almost 130 years ago! We are delighted to present an SF Gateway edition of Edwin A. Abbott‘s Flatland, the […]

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On This Day: Sir Arthur C. Clarke

Arthur C. Clarke was born in Minehead, Somerset, on the 16th December, 1917. He was the last of The Big Three to leave us, passing away in 2008 (Robert A. Heinlein died in 1988 and […]

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Christmas Reads for Classic SF and Fantasy Fans

Looking for the perfect present for fans of Classic SF? Look no further! We’ve got 10 books guaranteed to make their Christmas. Get ready to gift some great reads.     Do Androids Dream of […]

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Robert Silverberg’s Reflections: November 2015

    ‘Where Silverberg goes today, the rest of science fiction will follow tomorrow’ Isaac Asimov Reflections is a regular column by multi-award-winning SFWA Grandmaster Robert Silverberg, in which he will offer his thoughts on […]

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The Martian: What to Read Next

So you’ve just read or seen The Martian and you’re now having Red Planet withrawal symptoms?  Can’t go another day without more Marsie goodness?  Fear not!  The Gateway doctor is in, and do we have […]

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