The SF Gateway Xmas Sale is Coming . . .

It may have escaped some people’s attention (and, to be clear, we’re referring to those who have spent the last few months trapped in nuclear bunkers or marooned on remote Pacific islands) but the festive period is upon us.  Trees are being decorated, wine mulled, cards written, thinly-veiled-excuses-for-a-drink taken up and businesses engaging in an orgy of consumer-baiting promotional activity that will remain unparalleled until their New Year Sales.

So why should they have all the fun?

Yes, the SF Gateway, too, has been caught up in the spirit of the times and so – you guessed it – a promotional sale is imminent (as opposed to immanent – although, thinking about it …). We’re going to do things a bit differently this year, though. In the past, we’ve reduced everything on the site, which, while we’re sure it’s appreciated by those unwrapping new tablets and other reading devices on the 25th, doesn’t really do much in the way of recommendation – and one of the raisons d’être for establishing the SF Gateway website, was to curate the vast number of eBooks we’ve published and offer readers some entry points and recommendations to what to read.

So, with that guiding principle in mind, we’re going to focus our Xmas/New Year sale around 15 Writers You Should Read in 2015.  We’re going to discount every book we have available by these authors, and we’re going to tell you who they are . . . next week. Stay tuned.