The SF Gateway Xmas Sale is Here!

As mentioned last week, the 2014 SF Gateway Xmas Sale will be a bit different this year. We’ve decided to take our curational duties seriously, this festive period, and will be putting forward a suggested 15 Authors You Should Read in 2015.

To be clear: these aren’t the only authors you should read in 2015. But they are authors we feel aren’t as prominent as they deserve to be – for a variety of reasons we won’t go into here because such things usually cause arguments and we’re not interested in arguing at this end of the year. We’re interested in peace on Earth, good will to all, and reading lovely books with a glass of something lovely in our hand.

So, we hope you’ll enjoy some – if not all – of our selected authors, whose books have all been discounted for Xmas:

Barrington J. Bayley
Pat Cadigan
D. G. Compton
Richard Cowper
Lionel Fanthorpe (and all his pseudonyms!)
Mary Gentle
Tanith Lee
Pat Murphy
Keith Roberts
Pamela Sargent
Bob Shaw
Norman Spinrad
Tricia Sullivan
Ian Watson
Kate Wilhelm

You can find the relevant books by going to the respective Author pages on the SF Gateway website (helpfully hyperlinked above) and clicking on ‘View All Book By . . .‘ at the bottom of the page.

Edit: with the certain, crushing inevitability of Sod’s Law, the Gateway Search function broke within days of this post being written. Sadly, that means the ‘View All Books By …’ link no longer works, and there’s nothing we can do about it until the New Year when the offices open again. We apologise for this inconvenience and offer a manual fix, which we hope won’t prove too onerous: if you download the spreadsheet of our complete catalogue (Excel) you can filter by author and find the sale books that way. Not ideal but, we hope, better than nothing.

As a courtesy to our US and Canadian readers, we note that our editions of the above authors’ works are available in your territory except for Tanith Lee, Pat Murphy, Pamela Sargent and Kate Wilhelm.

The sale will run until about the 12th January – enjoy!