Picking Up Speed

You might have noted – with some frustration – that the SF Gateway website has been slowing down of late; we certainly have. And if it’s frustrating for us, we can only imagine how annoying it is for you.

But fear not! Help is at hand!  Our excellent coding elves have been delving deep into the workings of the site and have managed to speed things up dramatically. The site is still not moving as fast as we’d like (because, let’s face it: were SF fans – anything less than FTL is slow for us) but this is a good start and more work is scheduled for the future. We know there are are Search and Forum issues, but we will soon have our best people (what? Elves are people too!) working on it.

Thanks for bearing with us through these hiccoughs (techoughs?). We hope to be providing regular good news over the coming months.