Signing off for Christmas

What a year it’s been: full of events and, sadly, many more of them bad than good (any year that starts off with the death of David Bowie has really not got off on the best foot). To be honest, we’re quite glad it’s over; we could do with a drink. Before we sign off, […]

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The Return of the Gateway Christmas Sale!

Remember back in June, before the world went completely mad, we announced the Gateway Essentials initiative?** We’ve been delighted by the response to the Essentials, with many on social media complimenting the new covers (with one or two exceptions; you know who you are – and you’re off our Christmas card list!). So, for the […]

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Gateway Essentials: James Blish

As we’re sure you know, yesterday we announced the creation of the Gateway Essentials list. Its continuing mission: to make it easier for us to make it easier for you to find your way through the 3,000-plus titles and  300-plus authors currently on the Gateway. By identifying the key titles for each author, we hope […]

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Announcing: The Gateway Essentials!

You’ll have seen some new cover styles popping up wherever you buy your eBooks and you might have wondered what, if anything, they meant? We’re glad you asked! This week, we launch a new initiative on the SF Gateway: the Gateway Essentials. There are now more than 3,000 titles in the SF Gateway.  Our aim […]

The SF Masterworks: A Complete List

It’s been a while since we’ve updated the list of SF Masterworks, so let’s start the New Year by rectifying that particular oversight. Here’s the list, complete up to this very month . . . SF MASTERWORKS 10/06/1999 Earth Abides George R. Stewart PB 08/07/1999 The Demolished Man Alfred Bester PB 12/08/1999 The Dispossessed Ursula […]

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Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2016. Read more books.  Starting now. Well, maybe not right now – wait until you’ve worked off all the festive good will (and the painkillers have started to kick in . . .). Happy New Year.  

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Merry Christmas!

Mulled wine! Roast Turkey! Bing Crosby! Human sacrifice! OK, maybe not that last one. The point is it’s the Festive Season and SF Gateway is now closed for the duration. You’ll still be able to buy all of your favourite classic SF&F from your preferred retailer, but we won’t be talking about them here until […]

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Explaining the New Cover Style

Eagle-eyed readers will have spotted a new cover style appearing on some recent Gateway titles; for instance: So, what gives?  Well, a couple of things. Firstly, we’ve published a lot of titles over the last three-and-a-bit years and now, inevitably, the production line is slowing down, as ‘new’ titles are becoming harder to find. So […]

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Marion Zimmer Bradley Titles

The estate of author Marion Zimmer Bradley has decided not to renew our licence to publish her titles – which include The Mists of Avalon and the Darkover series – which expired on April 26th, 2015. Therefore, effective immediately, Marion Zimmer Bradley books will not be available in Gateway editions from any retailers. At the […]

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Clearing the Air

Given the amount of correspondence of a remarkably similar nature, which we’ve received over the last month or so, it seemed like a good time for us to clear the air and debunk what seems to be a popular myth: namely, that if an author doesn’t currently appear on SF Gateway, it means that we […]

SF Gateway Expands

We are delighted to announce the addition of some of the world’s finest SF & Fantasy authors to Gateway! As some of you may know, Gateway’s parent company is the Orion Publishing Group. Orion is, in turn, owned by the Hachette UK Group, which also owns Little, Brown, Hodder & Stoughton and Headline publishers, among […]

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Fantasy Masterworks: the Complete List

Following on from last week’s well-received list of SF Masterworks, we’re delighted to present – for your fantastical reading pleasure – a similar list of the recently-restyled Fantasy Masterworks. 10/10/2013 Aegypt John Crowley PB 10/10/2013 The Dragon Griaule Lucius Shepard PB 10/10/2013 Last Call Tim Powers PB 14/11/2013 The Falling Woman Pat Murphy PB 12/12/2013 […]

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