SF Gateway round-up – March!

If you’re wanting a great new read for spring, look no further! Here are all the amazing SF Gateway titles you might have missed in March!


OKTOBER is a frightening journey into a world of greed and lies, a world in which the cover-up is not only a way of life, but something planned ahead of time. Step by horrifying step, Jim Harper must unravel what has been done to him…


When Shawna Nicholson, Chief Resident of an Iowa hospital, treats an emergency patient from the future with multiple wounds and amnesia, neither Shawna nor the mystery man is prepared for what follows… Find out more in THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER!


Charles Forbin has dedicated the last 10 years of his life to the construction of his own supercomputer, COLOSSUS, but Colossus soon exceeds even Forbin’s calculated expectations, learning to think independently…


Worshipped as a god by the Sect, the power of Colossus spirals out of control as it authorizes acts of savagery to measure resistance and feeling, while the Fellowship risk their lives in an effort to destroy it. Find out more in THE FALL OF COLOSSUS!


When the Martians return seeking compensation for helping shut down the supercomputer Colossus, they put hundreds of millions of lives at risk. There is only one entity on Earth with the power to stop them – Colossus must return in COLOSSUS AND THE CRAB.

Oktober The Unknown Soldier Colossus The Fall of Colossus Colossus and the Crab


In THE CURSE OF THE WISE WOMAN, the ancient powers of an old witch are pitted against the machinery of modern corporate greed, with surprising and thrilling results.


For Pete McCarthy the boatyard worker, Alina Petrovna is an enigma. A complex, well-meaning young woman with a difficult past. Someone whose mystery deepens as the season gets under way, and the deaths by drowning begin… Read THE BOAT HOUSE to find out more!


Colbey, last of the Renshai, has completed his duties in the mortal world. Now he must face the Seven Tasks of Wizardry and learn whether he is truly the next Western Wizard in CHILD OF THUNDER.


An epic sword and sorcery fantasy, BEYOND RAGNAROK continues the history of the people and gods of Midguard. Following 300 years after the tumultuous events of CHILD OF THUNDER it tells of a new threat to Midguard’s hard won peace.

The Curse of the Wise Woman The Boat House Child of Thunder Beyond Ragnarok


“An out-and-out novel of paranoia, tension and sharply honed violence… An unstoppable, gut-wrenching ride to the last page!” – Starburst on DOWN RIVER.


Earth has been found by a horde of creatures that not even the wildest imagination could invent and alien horror becomes a living nightmare as they inflict mayhem on earth in D.F. Jones’s thrilling first contact novel, XENO.


Follow our enterprising thief Raffalon into the Underworld and Overworld, as he is pitted against prideful thaumaturges, grasping magnates, crooked guild masters, ghosts, spies, ogres, and a talented amateur assassin in 9 TALES OF RAFFALON!


Modern man’s most persistent dream is about to come true, and who better to take the first leap through time than a man with an inoperable heart condition? The far future can only be an improvement for him… or can it? Read BOUND IN TIME to find out!

Down River Xeno 9 Tales of Raffalon Bound in Time


The elves who survived Ragnarok are determined to destroy mankind. With an imposter placed upon the throne the critical balance between Law and Chaos may finally be overthrown. Can a small band of adventurers can free the rightful heir in PRINCE OF DEMONS?


Joseph Visco had come to the remote Norwegian village to find work. Instead he found terror, lynch-fever and death. FOLLOWER is a chilling blend of high-voltage adventure, suspense and primitive terror from the author of CHIMERA.


In this powerful and moving novel a futuroscope – a device that allows a viewer to see into the near or distant future – reveals an awful fate for humanity. Find out more in THE PLEASURES OF A FUTUROSCOPE!


In a time before computers were a mainstay of our lives, Lord Dunsany tells the story about the revolution of self-reproducing machines. THE LAST REVOLUTION touches on a topic we know all too well today: What happens if the computers take over?

Prince of Demons Follower The Pleasures of a Futuroscope The Last Revolution