SF Gateway round-up – June and July!

Check out these fantastic new titles we’ve added to the SF Gateway in June and July!


When the first human interstellar ship unexpectedly hurtles off the earth and into the furthest reaches of space before it is completed, Rob Contrell and his crew face a challenging journey home with no star maps and killer aliens on their tail. Find out what happens in THE BLACK GALAXY!


A Kafkaesque journey into the unknown, THE PHYSIOGNOMY is an award-winning trip through a land where the line between reality and imagination is constantly blurred.


D.F. Jones’s DON’T PICK THE FLOWERS, a high-tension novel of humanity struggling to survive a catasrophe that could mean the end of all life on earth, is in the great tradition of the disaster stories of John Wyndham and John Christopher.


The first sounds came at midnight, a plaintive keening from an unknown voice in the vastness of uncharted space. Within hours the whole world had heard the strange, unearthly music–and the panic had begun… Find out more in THE WAILING ASTEROID!


For centuries the human Mages of the Prometheus Club and the otherworldly creatures of Faerie have battled for control over Earth’s destiny, with neither side capable of achieving victory. Now their impasse has come to an end… Elizabeth Bear’s BLOOD AND IRON is out now!


The strange visitors had landed. Why had they come, and what unknown terror would they bring upon our world? Find out in FOUR FROM PLANET 5!



Tony Gregg was just an ordinary American until found an old Barkut coin. Learning that it could be used as a key to a GATEWAY TO ELSEWHERE was the beginning of one of the most fantastic adventures that ever befell a young man looking for excitement.


Cyborg imaginings mix with romance and transformation in CORRESPONDENCE, the complex first novel by Sue Thomas where even the reader has a role to play.


The arrival of the Theban ruined the peace of the space port. It was an old ship, propelled by a totally obsolescent interplanetary drive and the only way its captain could get it off the ground again was to kidnap a young engineer… Read more in INVADERS OF SPACE!


In WHISKEY AND WATER, Matthew is the magical protector of New York City. When he finds a young woman brutally murdered by a Fae creature, he must bring her killer to justice before his old mentor uses the crime to justify more war…


The first battles began in the wilderness. The animals in the forests and glades struggled furiously for life and often fought with splendid courage. But they never won; they were always killed. And now it was man’s turn to fight a WAR WITH THE GIZMOS!



CRACKPOT PALACE contains twenty tales both strange and wonderful, filled with mad scientists, vampires, lost souls, and Native American secrets, from an author who has been glowingly compared to Kafka, Dante, and Caleb Carr (The Alienist).


There was nothing on the island big enough to kill a man, yet each new day brought with it another bloody death, another mysterious disappearance… THE MONSTER’S FROM EARTH’S END is out now!


Resurrected by enchantment in Faerie, Kit Marley – playwright and spy – is England’s only hope. But before he can assist Will Shakespeare in the art of magic, he must find the traitor among the Prometheans responsible for his death. INK AND STEEL is the sequel to HELL AND EARTH!


Bron Hoddan was a serious electronics engineer and he didn’t want any part of his planetary heritage. For he was from Zan – and Zan’s only occupation was spaceship piracy. Unfortunately the universe had other plans for him… Does he succumb? Find out in THE PIRATES OF ZAN!


When young Joe Kenmore came to Bootstrap to install pilot gyros in the SPACE PLATFORM he hadn’t bargained for sabotage or murder or love.



Physiognomist Cley, now a simple healer looking for an antidote to a deadly sleeping sickness, will encounter wonders and dangers undreamed of in MEMORANDA, the second installment of Ford’s classic Well-Build City trilogy.


An alien intelligence gorged at the bottom of the Luzon Deep and made its plans. Radar expert Terry Holt his crew had to devise a weapon against the horrifying CREATURES OF THE ABYSS which threatened mankind with extinction…


Women with immunity to the sterility drug poisoning Britain’s reservoirs must become Nation Mums, the sole hope of a desperate people. Even if one of them is the wife of the Minister in charge of the whole terrifying affair. IMPLOSION is out now!


Clingerman returns with THE CLINGERMAN FILES, the exciting follow up to her 1961 science fiction collection, A Cupful of Space. In every sentence there is a note of silent rebellion, a surreptitious snarl, entreating you to see that not the everyday, but an undiscovered marvel.


Read THE NATURAL HISTORY OF HELL to explore contemporary natural history in a baker’s dozen of exhilarating visions, including Emily Dickinson taking a carriage ride with Death and a couple being invited over to a neighbor’s daughter’s exorcism.