SF Gateway round-up – August and September!

Looking for something to read this Autumn? We published some brilliant new titles in August and September!


The ruthless Dictator of Mekin had already subjugated twenty-two helpless planets. Now he wanted Kandar’s unconditional surrender. Can Bors and TALENTS, INCORPORATED combined out-think and out-guess the most deadly dictator in the history of mankind?


There is a strangeness in the air as disappearances, deaths, spectral sightings, and the arrival of a sinister man in a long white car mark this unforgettable SHADOW YEAR.


For centuries space travelers had dreaded a place they called THE OTHER SIDE OF NOWHERE – a place in the universe where up was down, where right was wrong, and where all direction was lost . . .


A mismatched band of exiles and rebels are agreed that the time has come for change in Lescar, a country carved out of the collapse of the Old Tormalin Empire. IRONS IN THE FIRE is book one in Juliet McKenna‘s Lescari Revolution series!


Queen Mab rules an enchanted land, but her life is bound to the world of iron. Now, the fate of two worlds lies in the hands of two clever wordsmiths . . . HELL AND EARTH is the sequel to Elizabeth Bear’s Ink and Steel.


As soon as he arrived to take over his command, Scott knew that something was wrong on CHECKPOINT LAMBDA. He realized that not only his life, but the existence of the Lambda depended upon his finding out what was going on. Would he be able to act in time?


Talents Incorporated The Shadow Year The Other Side of Nowhere Irons in the Fire Hell and Earth Checkpoint Lambda


Those exiles and rebels determined to bring peace to Lescar discover the true cost of war and the elite of Lescar aren’t about to give up their wealth and power without a fight. Juliet McKenna’s Lescari Revolution continues in BLOOD IN THE WATER.


Mixing the mundane with the metaphysical, the pairings of the everyday and the extraordinary in this collection of short fiction yield supernatural results. Read Jeffrey Ford’s THE EMPIRE OF ICE CREAM today!


Roving through the uncharted vastness of deep space, Med Serviceman Calhoun of the Interplanetary Medical Service brings his mission of healing to isolated colonists far from Earth in THE MED SERIES.


Wreaking havoc is swift and easy but building a lasting peace may yet prove an insuperable challenge for the Lescari exiles who are determined to overthrow the warring dukes in BANNERS IN THE WIND, book three in McKenna’s Lescari Revolution series!


THE PORTRAIT OF MRS CHARBUQUE tells the story of Piero Piambo, who is offered a commission unlike any other. He is to paint her portrait, but he may not, under any circumstances, see her. Read this hypnotically compelling literary thriller now!


In the shattered rubble of great civilizations the crew of the Marintha discovered bizarre remnants of humanity beside whom they would battle the poisonous forces arrayed against all human life… Read SPACE GYPSIES today!



Blood in the Water The Empire of Ice Cream The Med Series Banners in the Wind The Portrait of Mrs Charbuque Space Gypsies


AT1 was a robot-ship, a ship with no crew and only a tiny security force to guard the world’s most powerful self-contained nuclear reactor. ‘Invulnerable,’ said its inventors, ‘foolproof’. But it was neither… Find out what happens in THE FLOATING ZOMBIE!


Kim Rendall lives in the shadow of mechanized terror, for machines have taken over, and the disciplinary circuit keeps the inhabitants in check . . . Find out what happens in THE LAST SPACESHIP!


There is a town that brews a strange intoxicant from a rare fruit called the deathberry-and once a year a handful of citizens are selected to drink it… Ford’s THE DROWNED LIFE is a mesmerizing blend of the familiar and the fantastic.


Centuries from now the peculiar, fantastic, astounding mind of man will conquer strange new worlds and probe the meaning of the central core of infinity. Read COLONIAL SURVEY by Murray Leinster today!


Newark . . . Manhattan . . . Baltimore – one by one they went out. A succession of thriving communities suddenly put out like a guttered flame. Men, women, children sprawled like grotesque manikins. Find out why in THE OTHER SIDE OF HERE.


The Floating Zombie The Last Space Ship The Drowned Life Colonial Survey The Other Side of Here


At once a hypnotically compelling mystery and a stunningly evocative portrait of Depression-era New York, THE GIRL IN THE GLASS is a masterly literary adventure from a writer of exemplary vision and skill.


Dunne was a crystal miner among the stars until he discovered the biggest strike in space, and the lonely hunter soon realized that every miner in this golden mist was out to get him – and the treasure… MINERS IN THE SKY is out now!


The One-Eyed Jack and the Suicide King: personifications of the city of Las Vegas – its history, mystery, mystical power, and heart… Read the fantastic fifth installment in Elizabeth Bear’s Promethean Age series, ONE-EYED JACK.


Three novellas, one man’s fight against interplanetary chaos. DOCTOR TO THE STARS features Medic Calhoun, physician in the Interstellar Medical service who travels the galaxy alone and is responsible for the health care of entire worlds.


Cast out by the people of Wenau after finding a cure for their sickness, former physiognomist Cley sets out to brave the dark mountains and seas of THE BEYOND in order to find the woman he doomed on his quest to destroy the Well-Built City.


The Girl in the Glass Miners in the Sky One-Eyed Jack Doctor to the Stars The Beyond


Where was the ship from, and what did these visitors want? Only one man could hope to solve the mystery of the “aliens” who had come to call on earth… Read OPERATION TERROR now!


At times literary, at other times surreal, Jeffrey Ford’s THE FANTASY WRITER’S ASSISTANT offers an eclectic group of stories that deal with real-life conflicts, human values, and coming-of-age experiences all placed within fantastical settings.


Life in THE CITY ON THE MOON under anything less than optimal conditions had always been a nightmare, but when the avalanche that destroyed the space shuttle’s landing mechanism turns out to be sabotage the race is on to stop further chaos.


Operation Terror The Fantasy Writer's Assistant City on the Moon