Beyond Ragnarok

Beyond Ragnarok

An epic sword and sorcery fantasy, this novel continues the history of the people and gods of Midguard. Following 300 years after the tumultuous events of CHILD OF THUNDER it tells of a new threat to Midguard’s hard won peace.

The old king of Bearn is dying and his heirs are falling prey to disease and murder, those not killed outright are failing the traditional test of kingship. With their failure comes the threat of chaos-without a tried and tested ruler Bearn will fall and the balnce between good and evil won by the legendary Renshai,Colbey Calistinsson, will be lost. A new Renshai of equal talents to Colbey’s is the only hope for Midguard…
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Genre: Fiction & Related Items

On Sale: 14th March 2019

Price: £4.99

ISBN-13: 9781473224773