SF Gateway round-up – February!

Here are all the amazing new SF Gateway titles you might have missed in February!


CHIMERA is the novel that inspired the headline-grabbing ITV series starring John Lynch, Kenneth Cranham, and Christine Kavanagh. A terrifyingly plausible journey into the disturbing nerve-centers of medical science where our secret future is formed today.


In READER AND RAELYNX, a novel of secret sorceries and forbidden desires, the mystic Cammon must put aside his personal feelings for Princess Amalie while he reads the souls of her suitors for any potential threats.


Leah Frothen has returned home in UNQUIET LAND. But she can scarcely catch her breath before she is summoned by the regent, the man who made her a spy. Leah is reluctant to take on a new assignment, but Darien has dangled the perfect lure to draw her in . . .


In JEWELED FIRE, Princess Corene faces political intrigue, family drama and danger in the royal court of Malinqua, and finds herself making friends in unexpected places . . .

Chimera Reader and Raelynx Unquiet Land Jeweled Fire


When Police Sergeant Alex Volchak discovers the true nature of a predator that has survived among us unnoticed for generations, he places everyone in mortal danger. VALLEY OF LIGHTS is a supernatural blend of horror and police procedural.


In THE BEASTS OF BARAKHAI Benton Collins, a graduate student, follows an escaped white lab rat into a storeroom and through a secret gateway into another world . . .


TALES OF WAR is a collection of short stories from the Irish master of fantasy that tell of the soldier’s longings, his horror of war, the memories of springtime at home, and even descent to a delight in the work of the kaiser’s barber.


THE CHARWOMAN’S SHADOW is a beautiful tale of a sorcerer’s apprentice who discovers his master’s nefarious usage of stolen shadows, and vows to save the charwoman from her slavery.

Valley of Lights The Beasts of Barakhai Tales of War The Charwoman's Shadow


He has been known by countless names throughout the lands of mankind – thief, magic wielder, swordsman, assassin, adventurer – but chief among them and perhaps the most dangerous of his personae is that of Nightfall. Find out more in THE LEGEND OF NIGHTFALL!


Ben Collins thought his magical adventures were over, but the friends he’d left behind in Barakhai still needed his aid, and Ben had to return to join in their desperate quest in THE LOST DRAGONS OF BARAKHAI.


THE LAST OF THE RENSHAI is the first in a sword-and-sorcery saga that is enormous in conception, and full of complex and arresting fantasy detail. The adventure arises from the trials of a lone warrior, a champion driven to avenge the genocide of his race.


THE RETURN OF NIGHTFALL is a spellbinding adventure that sweeps readers from the high courts to the darkest dungeons, from derring-do at sea to sorcerous encounters and cutthroat attacks in enemy territory.


Word is carried forth on falcon’s wings that THE WESTERN WIZARD is no more, and unless the Wizard of the East can find the one mortal with any hope of surviving the challenge of the Seven Tasks of Wizardry, the worlds of gods and mortals alike will fall . . .


The Legend of Nightfall The Lost Dragons of Barakhai The Last of the Renshai The Return of Nightfall The Western Wizard