SF Gateway round-up – April and May!

We published a bumper batch of exciting new titles on the SF Gateway in April and May – find out more below!


The mortal kingdoms are caught up in a shared catastrophe, cursed with sterility by the magic of the dark elves. Still, what elves have caused they may perhaps put right… Find out more in THE CHILDREN OF WRATH!


Shunned by Westerners and hunted by Northmen, the Renshai will face many trials in THE FLIGHT OF THE RENSHAI before rallying together against a common enemy determined to destroy them once and for all.


Edited and collated by Jonathan Strahan, with a volume introduction by Neil Gaiman, THE BEST OF R.A. LAFFERTY is the authoritative collection of short fiction by R.A. Lafferty.


THE TRAVEL TALES OF MR JOSEPH JORKENS, first of Dunsany’s Jorkens tales to be published, contains 13 short pieces in which Mr Jorkens’s stories often tip well over the boundaries of the plausible, into the realms of fantasy, horror, or even science fiction.


In RAIN, Lucy Ashdown is a girl with a mission – to find the driver who ran down and killed her sister. Now she has a lead and she’s off to London, but even as she believes that she’s closing in on the murderer, the murderer is closing in on her.


The Children of Wrath The Flight of the Renshai The Best of R.A. Lafferty The Travel Tales of Mr Joseph Jorkens Rain


MR JORKENS REMEMBERS AFRICA is the second collection of Dunsany’s Jorkens tales, containing twenty-one short pieces.


Kiarda should have been spirit-linked to a fox, but the cub died at the moment of their birth. Now that spirit lurks deep inside her, and at the time of her greatest need, it could prove her greatest ally . . . Find out what happens in SPIRIT FOX!


Torn from a world where bullets and grenades are the weapons of choice, and locked into an elvish body on a world where sword and spell are the means of battle, Al Larson must adapt swiftly in GODSLAYER – or die.


After rescuing a child from an incoming tide on a lonely and forgotten part of Britain’s coast, ex-con Ryan O’Donnell is cornered into helping her escape a supposedly abusive father to reach the safety of her mother in NIGHTMARE, WITH ANGEL.


JORKENS HAS A LARGE WHISKEY contains 26 short pieces where Jorkens, in return for a whisky-and-soda (merely to moisten his throat, you understand!) tells tall tales to his listeners.



Mr Jorkens Remembers Africa Spirit Fox Godslayer Nightmare, With Angel Jorkens Has a Large Whiskey


When Ruth Lasseter hires an escort to cover for a workplace affair in RED, RED ROBIN, she lets a deeply disturbed young man into her life. Though she survives the consequence, she has the lingering suspicion that he hasn’t simply disappeared . . .


He was the SHADOW CLIMBER, skilled at remaining one with the shadows, unseen in the midst of his enemies. But though Taz could defeat any trap, he wasn’t prepared for the treachery of a cunning politician wanting to gain power himself . . .


Pursued by foes out of nightmare, can Larson and the others survive long enough to recover the one hope of the forces of Law – the legendary rod of Geirmagnus, the first Dragonrank mage? Find out in DRAGONRANK MASTER!


THE FOURTH BOOK OF JORKENS collects 33 more short pieces by Lord Dunsany.


“He called it the painted bride. Pippa showed the picture to her father and her father called the police.” THE PAINTED BRIDE is a terror novel set on the English coast.


Red, Red Robin Shadow Climber Dragonrank Master The Fourth Book of Jorkens The Painted Bride


JORKENS BORROWS ANOTHER WHISKEY is the fifth collection of Dunsany’s Jorkens tales to be published, collecting thirty-four fantasy short stories. In one key story, Jorkens is joined in the story by his most common adversary, Terbut.


When Shadow received a message that Shylar needed his aid, the master thief and his three companions immediately set out for Shadow’s hometown of Cullinsberg. But Cullinsberg was an armed trap waiting to close them . . . Find out what happens in SHADOW’S REALM!


After fleeing back to a 20th century America not quite the same as the one from which he had originally come and finding himself a mortal man once again, Al is caught in a desperate fight to save everyone he holds dear. BY CHAOS CURSED is the fifth and final book in the Bifrost Guardians series!


In WHITE BIZANGO, Louisiana detective John Lafcadio owes his life to the Cult Crime Co-ordinators. Known also as the Voodoo Cops, their job is to dispel superstition and nail crimes of ignorance and there’s a growing need for their services . . .


THE LAST BOOK OF JORKENS is the sixth and final collection of the Jorkens takes to be published, collecting twenty-two fantastical short pieces by Lord Dunsany.


Jorkens Borrows Another Whiskey Shadow's Realm By Chaos Cursed White Bizango The Last Book of Jorkens


Later rewritten, expanded and republished as The City and the Stars, AGAINST THE FALL OF NIGHT is an early novella by one of the greats of science fiction remains a powerful and evocative depiction of the future of human.


In THE STRANGE JOURNEY OF COLONEL POLDERS, a no-nonsense British officer – having offended an Indian swami in his club – finds his spirit lodged into a succession of animal bodies.


With the Great War over, the Renshai have won back the FIELDS OF WRATH. As the survivors limp homeward, Tae Kahn–Subikahn’s father–fears that a far larger and fiercer wave of enemy soldiers is headed toward them . . .


Rachel’s in trouble in THE SPIRIT BOX. She’s a ticking bomb. A couple of co-workers bullied her into stealing a radical new drug from their employer, and now it’s lodged inside her. They’re watching her like hawks and her time’s running out.


A man with nothing left to lose must discover his own hidden strengths if he is to save all those he holds dear in FLIGHTLESS FALCON!


Against the Fall of Night The Strange Journey of Colonel Polders Fields of Wrath The Spirit Box Flightless Falcon


Following Don Rodriguez on his quest to find his place in the world after being disinherited, CHRONICLES OF SHADOW VALLEY is a coming of age story set in the mythical “golden age” of Spain, and Lord Dunsany’s first novel!


OUT OF MIND contains twenty-two stories and novella-length works by Stephen Gallagher, mixing imagination with suspense in the kind of tale that can slide into the back of your mind and then stay there for the rest of your life . . .


The Moralist party has promised to end death and chronic care specialist Patricia Jewett deals daily with the result: her ward is packed with tech-dependent patients. But when a murder occurs with her as the only witness, she becomes the prime suspect . . . Find out what happens in A TIME TO DIE!


With stories drawn from together from such outlets as Weird Tales, Night Visions and The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, PLOTS AND MISADVENTURES is the second collection from the award-winning author Stephen Gallagher.

Don Rodriguez Out of Mind A Time to Die Plots and Misadventures