Bumper SF Gateway round-up – December and January!

We know December and January tend to be a bit chaotic, so here’s a handy round-up post of all the amazing new SF Gateway titles you might have missed!


Chance, son of a genetically modified man, exposes his roots and finds them entangled in horror, deceit, vengeance and perverse scientific illumination. Peace and self knowledge are achieved only at great risk and terrible cost in BRAIN CHILD.


Hailed as the heir apparent to Jack Vance, Matthew Hughes brings us THE OTHER, a speculative, richly imagined exploration of society on the far edges of extreme.


The City Imperishable’s secret master and heir to the long-vacant throne has vanished from a locked room, as politics have turned deadly in a bid to revive the city’s long-vanished empire in TRIAL OF THE FLOWERS.


THE COMPLEAT GUTH BANDAR by Matthew Hughes brings together the full series of Bandar stories originally published in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction!


In another sparkling and slightly askew tale in the mode of Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams and Jack Vance, FOOLS ERRANT’s Filidor Vesh sashays once more through the penultimate age in FOOL ME TWICE, finding that love is a many splintered thing.


Brain Child The Other Trial of the Flowers The Compleat Guth Bandar Fool Me Twice


A PURSUIT OF MIRACLES contains eight trips into the future: a civilized society where barbarism is the norm; a search for super-intelligence that goes wrong; a world where to be Non-Legal is to be non-human; an experiment to test the very nature of reality.


A SORCERER AND A GENTLEMAN is a vast tale of romance and espionage, of talking animals and mythic beasts, of mannerly drama and gritty military detail: an epic that can only end in a conflagration of blood and honour.


In the era of “the big squeeze” – when an environmentally ravaged Earth groans beneath the weight of twelve billion people – two men are the DESTINY MAKERS of mankind. One is senile…the other is going insane . . .


From the award-winning author of Majestrum, Template, and The Other, DEVIL OR ANGEL AND OTHER STORIES is a collection of short stories that range from the thoughtful to the whimsical.


When professional duelist Conn Labro escapes indentured servitude as the star player of Horder’s Emporium in TEMPLATE, he abandons the gaming world of Thrais and sets out on an interstellar journey filled with murder, deceit, and self-discovery.


A Pursuit of Miracles A Sorcerer and a Gentleman Destiny Makers Devil or Angel and Other Stories Template


“Brilliantly combining world-building, genetics and Buddhist philosophies, Australian writer Turner achieves a thought-provoking, far-future sequel to The Destiny Makers” – Publishers Weekly on GENETIC SOLDER


In Old Earth’s penultimate age the corpulent master criminal Luff Imbry moves through the halfworld like a full-fleshed shark. THE MEANING OF LUFF AND OTHER STORIES offers the thief, forger, confidence man, and go-between in all his moods and guises.


PAROXYSM is an action-packed tale about the seductive power of righteous violence, about how ordinary people can explode when fate gives them the power to hit back.


THE PRICE OF BLOOD AND HONOUR is a rich, complex, and splendidly high-handed work, full of epic tragedies and comedies of manners, wars and romances, intricate espionage capers, talking animals, mythic beasts, ducks, and a great deal more besides.


Here are 9 TALES OF HENGHIS HAPTHORN, foremost freelance discriminator of Old Earth in the planet’s penultimate age!


Genetic Soldier The Meaning of Luff and Other Stories Paroxysm The Price of Blood and Honor 9 Tales of Henghis Hapthorn


In BELOVED SON, forty years after his starship escapes from an apocalyptic Earth, Commander Albert Raft and his crew return to a much younger and violent Earth society that wants to embrace Raft as a god because of his telepathic powers.


Under the pressure of decision the cracks showed in the highest echelons of the proud Ethical Culture. Is there a benefit so great that, if the price were the end of homo sapiens, we would pay it? VANEGLORY is the worthy successor to BELOVED SON.


In MAJESTRUM, Hapthorn is on the trail of an unknown killer who collects body parts from his victims. The search leads him off-planet, into the Ten Thousand Worlds of The Spray, then turns in an unexpected direction . . .


In THE SPIRAL LABYRINTH, Henghis Hapthorn, Old Earth’s foremost discriminator and die-hard empiricist, had to accept that the cosmos was shortly to rewrite its basic operating system, replacing rational cause-and-effect with detestable magic . . .


An experiment recreating the mind-set of World War II escalates into an actual battleground between native revolutionaries and space colonists bent on subverting the power of the central government in YESTERDAY’S MEN.


Beloved Son Vaneglory Majestrum The Spiral Labyrinth Yesterday's Men


Hapthorn wants to solve the mystery of HESPIRA, an ungainly off-world woman with memory loss. He winds up in the rank-obsessed world of Ikkibal and the rustic Shannery, where he unravels Hespira’s role in a deadly feud between aristocrats.


IN THE HEART OR IN THE HEAD is a brilliant literary memoir in which George Turner chronicles his chaotic growing-up in a family for whom fact and fantasy were equally acceptable and often indistinguishable.


Hespira In the Heart or In the Head