Walking in a Winter-of-the-World Wonderland

Some time ago, news reached us, here at Gateway Towers*, of an imminent roleplaying game based on Michael Scott Rohan’s epic The Winter of the World series.

Well, we are delighted to say that Michael Scott Rohan’s Winter of the World RPG is now here!

Available from Drivethrurpg as a PDF, we’re reliably informed that there will be a print-on-demand edition available soon, and it will be in general distribution through Studio 2 Publishing in a few months’ time.

The rulebook contains an original story called ‘Findings’ by Michael Scott Rohan, set in the Winter of the World milieu [edit: Michael Scott Rohan tells us that ‘Findings’ was originally published in the now-defunct G.M. magazine but has been slightly revised for the game rulebook], and the first supplement, The Book of Kerys (due later in the year) will include ‘Veins’, the first new story about Elof and the characters of the original trilogy since 2000.

The game is fully authorised and supported by Michael Scott Rohan. Although he first found it to feel like ‘someone else walking round in my pyjamas’, he’s now more comfortable with the idea!

Game designers Peter Cakebread and Ken Walton will be at the game convention Conpulsion at Edinburgh University, 7th-9th April, with Michael Scott Rohan himself, talking on panels, running games, and selling their wares.

Spring might be here, but it sounds like all the fun is being had in Winter . . .





* Actually, it’s more of a pit, but we do have a certain reputation we wish to maintain . . .