The Return of the Gateway Christmas Sale!

Remember back in June, before the world went completely mad, we announced the Gateway Essentials initiative?**

We’ve been delighted by the response to the Essentials, with many on social media complimenting the new covers (with one or two exceptions; you know who you are – and you’re off our Christmas card list!). So, for the 2016 holidays, we thought we’d share the joy by dropping the price of all of our Essentials titles by at least 50% – that’s 530 packets of prime digital goodness at half-price or better from Saturday 17th December through to Friday 6th January!

Oh yes. To find the Gateway Essentials, you can either check your favourite author’s SF Gateway Author page – for example – or, because we’re only about halfway through the process of updating the Author pages, you can also find them all on this downloadable spreadsheet (opens in Excel).


Buy, read, enjoy – and Merry Christmas!


UPDATE: With apologies to our international readers, this sale will be UK-only. Our offices across the world have different promotional plans and timings, and they don’t always line up with ours.

** a bit like the Avengers Initiative but with fewer Norse gods and less property damage.