Signing off for Christmas

What a year it’s been: full of events and, sadly, many more of them bad than good (any year that starts off with the death of David Bowie has really not got off on the best foot). To be honest, we’re quite glad it’s over; we could do with a drink.

Before we sign off, though, we’d like to thank everyone who’s stopped by to read the blog, interacted with us on social media, or read or recommended one of our books – we appreciate it very much. Next year we’ll continue to work hard to bring you the best classic SF & Fantasy, and to fill the blog with interesting articles. But for now, we leave you with some ‘greatest hits’ from the last few years, as we republish our favourite articles from the Gateway archives.

Enjoy your holidays. Be safe. Be happy. Read good books. And we’ll see you in 2017!