Explaining the New Cover Style

Eagle-eyed readers will have spotted a new cover style appearing on some recent Gateway titles; for instance: So, what gives?  Well, a couple of things. Firstly, we’ve published a lot of titles over the last three-and-a-bit years and now, inevitably, the production line is slowing down, as ‘new’ titles are becoming harder to find. So […]

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New Title: The Forging of the Shadows

Gateway is always excited to bring you a new author, but we confess to certain extra thrill – and an undeniable touch of favouritism – at the the prospect of welcoming Oliver Johnson to the list. Oliver has serious genre pedigree, having spent some time in bookselling, as a contributing writer to White Dwarf magazine, […]

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Happy Birthday, Richard Curtis!

Today Gateway wishes a very Happy Birthday to gentleman, scholar, agent extraordinaire and publishing visionary, Richard Curtis. Richard Curtis’s eponymous literary agency has counted many of the great and good of SF publishing over the more than forty year’s of its life, including Greg Bear, Harlan Ellison, Kim Harrison, Fritz Leiber, Pamela Sargent and Dan […]

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Gollancz’s Malcolm Edwards

News was recently released to the book trade concerning upcoming changes to Gollancz. From the official press release: MALCOLM EDWARDS APPOINTED CHAIRMAN OF GOLLANCZ AND CONSULTANT PUBLISHER OF ORION David Young, CEO of The Orion Publishing Group announces today that Malcolm Edwards will be standing down as Deputy CEO and Publisher of Orion at the […]

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Clearing the Air

Given the amount of correspondence of a remarkably similar nature, which we’ve received over the last month or so, it seemed like a good time for us to clear the air and debunk what seems to be a popular myth: namely, that if an author doesn’t currently appear on SF Gateway, it means that we […]

Fantasy Masterworks: the Complete List

Following on from last week’s well-received list of SF Masterworks, we’re delighted to present – for your fantastical reading pleasure – a similar list of the recently-restyled Fantasy Masterworks. 10/10/2013 Aegypt John Crowley PB 10/10/2013 The Dragon Griaule Lucius Shepard PB 10/10/2013 Last Call Tim Powers PB 14/11/2013 The Falling Woman Pat Murphy PB 12/12/2013 […]

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Fantasy Masterworks: the List So Far . . .

As we approach the 2014 World Fantasy Convention, held this year in Washington D.C., we thought it might be a good time to bring you all up-to-date with the re-launched Fantasy Masterworks series. Et voila! October 2013: Aegypt by John Crowley [paperback | eBook] October 2013: The Dragon Griaule by Lucius Shepard [paperback | eBook] […]

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New Book of the Week: Saturn Patrol

Back in the ’50s, when novels could be 40,000 words long and the pulps ruled the world, publishing was a very different beast than it is now.  Dozens of short, purpose-written books were published out each month, in popular genres such as Romance, Crime, War Stories, Westerns and, of course, Science Fiction. The writers for […]

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From the Archives: Phillip Mann on The Disestablishment of Paradise

Phillip Mann has written a post on his blog about how new book, The Disestablishment of Paradise, came to be published (and how pleased he is about it). Today is rather special for me. Today Victor Gollancz have published my latest novel The Disestablishment of Paradise. It has been a long journey for me – […]

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The 10th Victim

This is a public service announcement. Fans of classic SF cinema need to know that today sees the release of the dual-format DVD & Blu-Ray version of The 10th Victim, Elio Petri‘s 1965 film, starring Ursula Andress and based on Robert Sheckley‘s story ‘The Seventh Victim’. Here’s the catalogue copy: Set in the near future, […]

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The SF Gateway Omnibuses

It is our dedicated mission in life to transform the SF & Fantasy shelves of your local bookshops into an unbroken sea of yellow. Of course, the new SF Masterworks are a sort of yellow – and, as they now number over one hundred, form a formidable presence in all good bookshops, but that’s not […]

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Introducing . . . the new Fantasy Masterworks!

The World Fantasy Convention comes to the UK in October and – in an act of synchronicity so dazzling one might almost suspect it was premeditated – we will be re-launching the Fantasy Masterworks at the same time, with – if we do say so ourselves – an absolutely stunning new cover style. Behold!   […]

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