Avram Davidson

Fantasy Masterworks: the List So Far . . .

As we approach the 2014 World Fantasy Convention, held this year in Washington D.C., we thought it might be a good time to bring you all up-to-date with the re-launched Fantasy Masterworks series. Et voila! […]

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Happy Birthday Henry Wessells

So, when we publish a ‘new’ SF or Fantasy Masterwork, the general procedure is to identify the definitive version of the text, have it scanned and typeset and then sent to a proofreader. That way […]

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Fantasy Masterwork of the Week: The Phoenix and the Mirror

The compelling historical fantasy of Virgil: poet, adventurer, alchemist . . . magus.   Legend has it that Virgil, author of The Aeneid, was more than a mere poet. Legend has it that he was […]

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