Guest Review: Two That Came True by Judith Moffett

Kev McVeigh is a name that should be familiar to regular readers of this blog. He’s an astute critic and read who has written a number of themed guest posts on the subject of women SF writers: search ‘From the Attic’ to find them all.  Kev recently let us know that he had reviewed on […]

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The Daily Dot’s Best Nine Fantasy Series

In September last year, The Daily Dot published an article of interest to Gateway readers (yes, we know we’re late picking up on this. Sorry – we were distracted!). Headlined ‘The 9 Best Fantasy Book Series‘ with the subheadline ‘If you love ‘Game of Thrones,’ this list is for you’, the piece goes on to […]

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From the Archives: Greg Bear’s EON: A Review by Stephen Baxter

President of the BSFA and multi-award-winning author, Stephen Baxter, offers his thoughts on Greg Bear’s 1985 Big Dumb Object novel, Eon . . . In 2005, after the observation of a supernova-like burst of energy, an asteroid shows up in Earth orbit. Humanity is locked in a continuing Cold War between US and USSR, and […]

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From the Archives: Pat Cadigan’s FOOLS: A Review by Paul McAuley

Arthur C. Clarke Award-winner, Paul McAuley, in addition to being one of SF’s finest writers, is also an astute judge of a good book. Here, he reviews fellow-Arthur C. Clarke Award-winner Pat Cadigan‘s Fools, which won the award in 1995 . . . Fools, Pat Cadigan‘s third novel, is set in the same milieu as […]

Galactic Journey: Naked to the Stars

It should be no secret to regular readers that we at SF Gateway are big fans of Galactic Journey. For newcomers: this is the journal of an intrepid time traveller, reviewing the 1960′s SF magazines in real time as if they were just being released. Go. Read. Be amazed. While it’s really the great classic […]

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But Will I Like It: The Astronauts Must not Land

Continuing our series of mini-reviews from enthusiastic Gateway readers, here’s a classic SF reader’s take on John Brunner’s The Astronauts Must Not Land . . . The first FTL starship has returned accompanied, or coincidentally accompanied, by monstrous apparitions in the sky and appearances of some of its crew, on Earth, before any of them […]

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21 Brilliant Books You’ve Never Heard Of

GQ magazine recently published a list of 21 Brilliant Books You’ve Never Heard Of, asking Ever come across a book – on a nightstand in an Airbnb, in a box of your mom’s college junk, on a shelf at a friend’s Bachelor viewing party – that’s so energizingly rip-roaring, so envelopingly world-building, that you can’t […]

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But Will I Like It: Blood Heritage

Continuing our series of mini-reviews from enthusiastic Gateway readers, here’s a second (or, indeed, third, if one wants to be pedantic) reader’s take on Sheri S. Tepper . . . Blood Heritage by Sheri S. Tepper When Badger Ettison’s cold but beautiful wife Carolyn and young son Robby drown in a boating accident, he spends […]

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Gateway Essentials: Time is the Simplest Thing

For some time now, we have been singing the praises of the interpid Time Traveller from the excellent Galactic Journey site (he who reviews the SF of 55 years ago as if it were coming out new). And just last week, we announced the Gateway Essentials programme, designed to help guide readers through the intimidating […]

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But Will I Like It: Earthlight

With the front pages currently obsessed with whether or not Britain should stay in the European Union and the back pages obsessed with how long England, Wales and Northern Ireland can remain in the European Championships, Gateway calls for some perspective. And you don’t get better perspective than viewing things from the Moon! With that […]

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But Will I Like It: Mister Justice

As we noted in the first of these mini-reviews, it can be very difficult to know where to start when sifting through the vast reservoir of classic SF we have available on SF Gateway. Who amongst you, for instance, was familiar with thework of Doris Piserchia before now . . . ? In 2033 it […]

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But Will I Like It: Dragonflight

And just to prove – if proof were necessary! – that SF Gateway is friend to all classic SF, whether we publish it or not, here’s a mini-review of Dragonflight by the late, great Anne McCaffrey . . . Dragonflight is science fiction, not fantasy. In the distant future on Pern people live in a […]

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But Will I LIke It: Deus X

Deus X by Norman Spinrad The atmosphere has terminally thinned; the flood waters have risen; the long-term survival of humanity is slim-to-none. However, technology offers a popular way to dodge the bullet: upload yourself – your thoughts, memories, reasoning, your soul – onto the net. For a reasonable fee, online-you (your ‘successor entity’) will live […]

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But Will I LIke It: The Enigma Score

‘Sure, sure, you’ve got 3, 296 books. That’s all very well – but will I like any of them?’ As we noted last week: (a) we’re sure you’ll find something to suit your tastes if you look hard enough, and (b) we’re happy to help you look! So, here’s another mini-review to help you find […]

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But Will I Like It?

3, 296. At the time of writing, that is the number of Gateway eBooks published and on this website. Quite a lot, isn’t it? So how, one might reasonably ask, does a reader even begin to make sense of that many books, let alone chart a path through all of the authors and their works? […]

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