Galactic Journey: Store of Infinity

We began the week with a nod to the wonderful Galactic Journey and have decided to bookend our first week back with another post from the same source. As we’re sure you know by now, Galactic Journey is the journal of an intrepid time traveller, who is reviewing the 1960’s SF magazines as if they were new.  It’s a wonderful site and you should all go there and check it out – be prepared to lose hours of your life, though!

On Monday, we pointed you at a review of Theodore Sturgeon‘s Venus Plus X and now we end the week by directing your attention to the Time Traveller’s impressions of Robert Sheckley‘s collection, Store of Infinity.

There are few folks who have taken greater advantage of the Silver Age of science fiction (i.e. the Post-War boom and bust of the digests) than Robert Sheckley. As of last month, the fellow had already published four collections of his works. The beneficiaries of this production are Bob’s pocketbook . . . and every reader who gets hands on his stuff. Sheckley’s mastery of the science fiction short story, whether straight, humorous, cynical, or downright horrific, is legendary . . .

You can read the full review at And, as we noted on Monday, if you can leave the site without losing hours going back through the archive for ‘contemporary’ reviews of the ‘latest’ issues of Amazing Stories, Analog, Galaxy, If, F & SF, and the like then you have more self-control than we do!