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A (New Yorker) Canticle for Leibowitz

The excellent Charlie Panayiotou, film, manga and anime maven and Gollancz editor wrangler extraordinaire draws our attention to an excellent appreciation of Walter M. Miller Jr’s Hugo Award-winning classic A Canticle for Leibowitz in The […]

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SFX Book Club: The Shadow of the Torturer

And so, by the time you read this, another Worldcon will be more or less over; another army of fans, authors, artists, editors and agents dispersed to return to everyday life.  It is, for me at […]

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2 Days to Edge-Lit3!

So, what? You’re just going to copy the earlier post and changes ’10 days to go’ to ‘2 days to go’, are you? That’s the plan, yes. Isn’t that a little . . . lazy? […]

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10 Days until Edge-Lit 3!

There seems to be an epidemic of conventions in the UK at the moment.  August is simply awash with geeky goodness, with the second Nine Worlds Geekfest taking place at Heathrow from the 8th to […]

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SFX Book Club: A Canticle for Leibowitz

As regular readers of the SF Gateway blog will know, our good friends at SFX have kindly agreed to allow us to republish those articles from their SFX Book Club that relate to our SF […]

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