Tricia Sullivan

2 Days to Edge-Lit3!

So, what? You’re just going to copy the earlier post and changes ’10 days to go’ to ‘2 days to go’, are you? That’s the plan, yes. Isn’t that a little . . . lazy? […]

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10 Days until Edge-Lit 3!

There seems to be an epidemic of conventions in the UK at the moment.  August is simply awash with geeky goodness, with the second Nine Worlds Geekfest taking place at Heathrow from the 8th to […]

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Something in the Water IV: the Bornying

As we’ve noted before, The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction‘s excellent On This Day function makes for fascinating reading and, occasionally throws up days with an infeasibly high level of cool people being born. And, at […]

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New Book of the Week: Double Vision

Our New Book of the Week comes from one of science fiction’s most extraordinary and original voices – winner of the 1999 Arthur C. Clarke Award for Dreaming in Smoke, Tricia Sullivan. In 2004, Tricia […]

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SF Gateway: the Arthur C. Clarke Award-winners

A few weeks ago, we highlighted our success over the lifetime of the BSFA Awards, with SF Gateway and Gollancz combined having a staggering 33 of the 43 winners to date. We’re hoping that will […]

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