Jack Williamson

Gateway Essentials: Edmond Hamilton

Forty years ago, today, Edmond Moore Hamilton died, in Lancaster, California. Although his first published sale, ‘The Monster-God of Mamurth’ in the August 1926 issue of Weird Tales, was very firmly in the pulp tradition […]

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Gateway Essentials: Jack Williamson

John Stewart ‘Jack’ Williamson, who died ten years ago today, was one of the most significant writers in the field of science fiction. He published his first SF story, ‘The Metal Man’, in 1928 and […]

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On This Day: Don’t Drink the Water!

We have, in the past, noted that certian days seem to have been overly blessed with the births of very talented authors; days like 26th July, 2nd August and 20th September.  But it stands to […]

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New Book of the Week: Wonder’s Child by Jack Williamson

He was an sf writer of substance for over seventy years . . . in his work and in his life he encompassed the field. So states The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction in its entry […]

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SF Gateway Omnibus of the Week: Jack Williamson

From The SF Gateway, the most comprehensive digital library of classic SFF titles ever assembled, comes an ideal sample introduction to the incredible work of Jack Williamson, whose career spanned over seventy years. Jack Williamson […]

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Readers Choice Winner for September

September’s Readers’ Choice picks were a mixed bag – the only thing they really had in common was that each was one of our readers’ favourites. We’ve seen submissions from the post-apocalyptic humanity of George […]

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Frederik Pohl (1919-2013)

All of us at Gollancz and SF Gateway are saddened to learn of the death yesterday of Frederik Pohl: author, editor, literary agent and fan. Pohl was a member of the influential SF group The […]

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Readers’ Choice: The First Month

Is it just us or is time accelerating? How can it possibly be the middle of March already?  But as it is the middle of March, you know what that means? It means that we’ve […]

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