Gateway Essentials: Edmond Hamilton

Forty years ago, today, Edmond Moore Hamilton died, in Lancaster, California. Although his first published sale, ‘The Monster-God of Mamurth’ in the August 1926 issue of Weird Tales, was very firmly in the pulp tradition […]

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Gateway Essentials: Philip Wylie

Philip Wylie is one of science fiction’s best-kept secrets. Not many, today, are aware that he even existed, much less the extraordinary influence he has had on popular culture. Wylie is probably best known for […]

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On This Day: Philip Wylie

On this day in 1902, Philip Gordon Wylie was born and the world as we know it was changed forever. Wait. What? Yeah. Philip Wylie. You know: he of When Worlds Collide fame? Filmed in […]

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The Man of Steel?

So, the Gollancz/Gateway team was sitting round a table recently, trying to work out the coming weeks’ blog posts (yes, these things really are planned. Mostly) and someone mentioned the new Superman move, Man of […]

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