On This Day: Don’t Drink the Water!

We have, in the past, noted that certian days seem to have been overly blessed with the births of very talented authors; days like 26th July, 2nd August and 20th September.  But it stands to reason that if the history of SF has had some good days, it must also have had some bad days. Newton’s Third Law. Or something.

And, gentle readers, today is one of those days. At various points over the last fifty years, we lost Anthony Boucher (1968), Richard Cowper (2002), Alfred Hitchcock (1980) and Joanna Russ (2011) just to name a few.

Of course we also gained the likes of Robert J. Sawyer (1960) and Jack Williamson (1908) so April 29th hasn’t been all bad. Still . . . a good day not to drink the water!