DG Compton

Gateway Essentials: D. G. Compton

D.G. (David Guy) Compton was born in London in 1930. His early works were crime novels published under ‘Guy Compton’, but he began producing SF as ‘D.G. Compton’ in 1965 with The Quality of Mercy. […]

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Science Fiction Theatre: Death Watch

“People seem to be queueing up to expose their souls to millions in front of the camera. Maybe I’m wrong to feel outraged about it” In anticipation of our July screening we put some questions […]

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SF Gateway Omnibus of the Week: D G Compton

From the vaults of the SF Gateway, the most comprehensive digital library of classic SFF titles ever assembled, comes an ideal introduction to the beguiling work of the critically acclaimed D. G. Compton.   Trade […]

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Readers Choice Winner for September

September’s Readers’ Choice picks were a mixed bag – the only thing they really had in common was that each was one of our readers’ favourites. We’ve seen submissions from the post-apocalyptic humanity of George […]

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Death Watch: The Continuous Katherine Mortenhoe

This week saw the release of Bertrand Tavernier’s Death Watch on DVD and Blu-Ray. Death Watch is, course, based on D G Compton’s acclaimed novel The Continuous Katherine Mortenhoe, and to mark the occasion, the […]

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New SF Masterworks in Print and Digital

Today is publication day for two new SF Masterworks: Frankenstein and The Continuous Katherine Mortenhoe.   Widely regarded as the first true work of science fiction, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s 1818 classic, Frankenstein: Or, the Modern Prometheus, […]

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Death Watch And The Continuous Katherine Mortenhoe

  The 1980 film, Death Watch, directed by Bertrand Tavernier and starring, among others, a young Harvey Keitel,  was re-released in the UK in June this year, in a digitally restored print.  The re-release garnered many positive […]

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