Arthur C Clarke

Titanic 101: The Ghost from the Grand Banks

It was 101 years ago today that the one of the greatest – certainly the most famous – of all maritime disasters occurred: the sinking of the RMS Titanic. With a hull containing sixteen separate […]

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Reflections on Arthur C. Clarke: 16th December 1917 – 19th March 2008

Five years ago today, we lost one of our greats. The last of The Big Three. The man who conceived the telecommunications satellite. The creator of one of the only two novels whose dates have […]

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Living in an SF Novel

Your humble SF Gateway scribe tries hard to stay abreast of current events and generally considers himself to be reasonably well-informed. Sometimes, though, things slip by. You know how it is: occasionally, the morning routine […]

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Happy Birthday, Gregory Benford

Dr Gregory Benford, Professor of Plasma Physics and Astrophysics at the University of California and one of the world’s leading writers of ‘Hard SF‘, was born on this day in 1941. He is perhaps best […]

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SF Gateway Author of the Week: Arthur C. Clarke

Born December 16th, 1917, our Author of the Week, the late, great Sir Arthur C. Clarke would have been 95 last weekend. Sadly, Sir Arthur has been gone these last four years, but his legacy […]

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SF Gateway Christmas Sale!

Hear ye! Hear ye!*   Come one, come all!**   Everything must go!***   Sierra! Alpha! Lima! Echo!  SALE!   SF Gateway is delighted to announce an end-of year sale: all regularly-priced eBooks will be […]

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SF Gateway Friday Limerick II

Back by popular demand!  Well . . . all right . . . back because we’re bored and needed something to kill time on a Friday . . . the return of the SF Gateway […]

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