Robert Charles Wilson

Gateway Essentials: Robert Charles Wilson

Robert Charles Wilson was born in Whittier, California in 1953 but has spent most of his life in Canada, acquiring citizenship in 2007. He has won the Hugo, Theodore Sturgeon, Philip K. Dick and John […]

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Title Spotlight: Darwinia

Our current crop of Spotlight Titles share a common, topical theme.  First up: Robert Charles Wilson’s Aurora Award-winner, Darwinia . . . In 1912 the world changes overnight. Europe and all its inhabitants disappear, replaced […]

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SF Gateway: the Hugo Winners

Following our posts celebrating Gollancz and SF Gateway’s BSFA, Arthur C. Clarke and Nebula Award-winning novels . . . it’s the Hugo Awards!  And we’re delighted to say we have a very creditable 30 out […]

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Editors’ Choice: Darwinia by Robert Charles Wilson

Nothing reminds me that we’re living in the future quite as much as writing a sentence like ‘I read Darwinia towards the end of last century’.  Sure, I know the 21st century is only a […]

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