New Title Spotlight: Three Classic Novels

We are delighted to be republishing three classic novels from the renowned scientist and author of A for Andromeda, Sir Fred Hoyle. In addition to being the man who coined the term ‘the Big Bang’, […]

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Sir Patrick Moore Three Years On

This post first appeared, in a slightly different form, in 2013, a year after Sir Patrick Moore’s death. The emotions that prompted it in that first instance are virtually the same today, so we re-present […]

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APOD: Pluto Fly Past

We’ve mentioned before how much we love NASA‘s incredible Astronomy Picture of the Day site. It’s one of the first sites we go to every day and it’s always interesting and frequently awe-inspiring. We love […]

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On This Day: Sir Patrick Moore

On this day in 1923, Patrick Alfred Caldwell-Moore was born in Pinner, Middlesex. He developed an interest in astronomy from an early age, joining the British Astronomical Association at the age of eleven and running […]

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Living in an SF Novel

Your humble SF Gateway scribe tries hard to stay abreast of current events and generally considers himself to be reasonably well-informed. Sometimes, though, things slip by. You know how it is: occasionally, the morning routine […]

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In Praise of . . . The Astronomy Picture of the Day

No man is an island, Entire of itself ~John Donne The internet is, among many other things, an ecosystem.  No site exists in isolation; articles are written, responses posted, rebuttals made, points elaborated upon, and […]

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