SF Gateway Christmas Sale!

Hear ye! Hear ye!*


Come one, come all!**


Everything must go!***


Sierra! Alpha! Lima! Echo!  SALE!


SF Gateway is delighted to announce an end-of year sale: all regularly-priced eBooks will be reduced to £2.99 over the holiday period (which you can take to mean approximately 7th December through to the 10th January 2013 – exact timing will vary across individual retailers, depending on how long it takes them to process the change of information).

But hold on: what’s this?  “All regularly priced eBooks” – them’s weasel words, surely?  Nope. Not a bit of it. Them’s honest words. We want to be completely transparent about this: we’ll be reducing the price of all SF Gateway eBooks to £2.99 except for the six Boxed Sets we mentioned on Wednesday, and a handful of other higher-priced titles, which are:

Necronomicon and Eldritch Tales by H.P. Lovecraft
Zones of Thought by Vernor Vinge
Conan’s Brethren by Robert E. Howard
The Collected Stories of Arthur C. Clarke


So there’s our full disclosure: all SF Gateway eBooks will be £2.99 for the duration of the sale, except for the eleven mentioned above.  That’s  over 1,650 eBooks, people!  Happy reading!


*** N.B. These prices hold true for the UK market; prices in other currencies and other markets should still be discounted, but we cannot guarantee they will match the levels above, as pricing in these markets is outside our control. ***





* did anyone every really say that?

** well, technically not all – the offer isn’t limited to those who own ereaders, but those who don’t are advised to just stop and think for a moment

*** or not, as the case may be; I mean we’re pretty sure we won’t run out of eBooks, but do you really want to take the chance?












**** we’re very, very sorry . . .