The Last of the Renshai

ebook / ISBN-13: 9781473224797

Price: £4.99

ON SALE: 21st February 2019

Genre: Fiction & Related Items

The Last of the Renshai is the first volume of a sword-and-sorcery saga that is enormous in conception, and full of complex and arresting fantasy detail. The adventure arises from the trials of a lone warrior, a champion driven to avenge the genocide of his race. The magic lies with the immortal realms: this is a world controlled by four wizards whose strife not only presages the conflicts and wars of humans, it also threatens consequences and destruction on a world- wide scale. And the last Renshai is doomed to take on all – he will be the key for humans, wizards and gods alike. Throw in a fabulously detailed, rich fantasy world, and you have a tremendous, value-for-money, page turning epic