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Masterworks Spotlight: A Deepness in the Sky

Back in January, we opened 2016 by welcoming Vernor Vinge‘s Hugo Award-winning space opera epic A Fire Upon the Deep to the SF Masterworks list. Now, we’re delighted to add Vinge’s prequel, set thirty millennia earlier, A Deepness in the Sky, which went its predecessor one better, winning the Hugo Award for best novel and […]

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Masterworks Spotlight: The Man Who Fell to Earth

Our second SF Masterwork spotlight this week, is Walter Tevis’s remarkable novel that was the basis for Nicolas Roeg‘s cult film, starring the late David Bowie. Thomas Jerome Newton is an extraterrestrial from the planet Anthea, which has been devastated by a series of nuclear wars, and whose inhabitants are twice as intelligent as human […]

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Masterworks Spotlight: The Chrysalids

Nothing at all should be read into the fact that our two current SF Masterworks spotlights are a post apocalyptic tale driven by fear and hatred of those that are different, and the story of an alien visitor to Earth who brings knowledge but is greeted with fear and suspicion. That’s just how the publishing […]

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New Title Spotlight: Three Classic Novels

We are delighted to be republishing three classic novels from the renowned scientist and author of A for Andromeda, Sir Fred Hoyle. In addition to being the man who coined the term ‘the Big Bang’, world-renowned astronomer Sir Fred Hoyle also produced a fine body of science fiction. This omnibus contains three of his SF […]

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Now in eBook: The Complete Chronicles of Conan

It has been a perennial bestseller in hardback, in Gollancz’s ‘big black book’ format, and now we are delighted to announce that The Complete Chronicles of Conan is now available in eBook format – a digital edition with gigantic melancholies and gigantic mirth, to tread the jeweled thrones of the Earth under its sandalled feet.  […]

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Masterworks Spotlight: Fairyland

Twenty years after it won the Arthur C. Clarke Award, we are delighted to welcome Paul McAuley‘s extraordinary Fairyland to the SF Masterworks list! The 21st century. Europe is divided between the First World bourgeoisie, made rich by nanotechnology and the cheap versatile slave labour of genetically engineered Dolls and the Fourth World of refugees […]

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Masterworks Spotlight: The Day of the Triffids

We are delighted to welcome back to the SF Masterworks a modern classic of a science fiction: The Day of the Triffids, the novel that invented the ‘cosy catastrophe’. When Bill Masen wakes up in his hospital bed, he has reason to be grateful for the bandages that covered his eyes the night before. For he […]

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New Title Spotlight: The Death of Metal

One of the pleasures of working on the SF Gateway is the opportunity of introducing authors whose books have been unavailable for years to modern readers. Donald Suddaby (1900-1964) is such a writer. He published sf for adults in the 1930s, mostly under the pseudonym “Alan Griff”, but was best known for a number of […]

New Title Spotlight: Worlds of the Imperium

Our latest New Title Spotlight is the first in Keith Laumer’s classic Imperium series . . . When Brion Bayard was kidnapped and brought to the alternate world where Earth’s history took a different turn, it was not a pleasant experience. It was, however, a startling experience. Here was a world that was just like […]

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New Title Spotlight: Dinosaur Beach

Welcome to Dinosaur Beach . . . Appearing from the remote future, Nexx Central agent Ravel is emplaced in America, circa 1936. His mission: to undo successive tamperings of the time stream which threaten the survival of Mankind. He falls in love with a lovely, simple girl, Lisa, but in the midst of his happiness […]

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New Title Spotlight: The Road to the Rim

Meet John Grimes at the very beginning of a career that will lead him to fame and glory out at the edge of the galaxy, out where the laws of men are nonexistent, and those of nature itself are sometimes tenuous … Someday Grimes will be a Commodore in the secessionist Rim Worlds Navy, but […]

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SF Masterworks Spotlight: Feersum Endjinn

As teased not long ago, we’re delighted to welcome Britain’s bestselling SF author of the last two decades to the SF Masterworks list!  On 14th April we published a hardback edition of the BSFA Award-winning Feersum Endjinn – with a new introduction by Banks’s close friend and fellow SF writer Ken MacLeod. Count Sessine is […]

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