New Title Spotlight: Worlds of the Imperium

Our latest New Title Spotlight is the first in Keith Laumer’s classic Imperium series . . .

When Brion Bayard was kidnapped and brought to the alternate world where Earth’s history took a different turn, it was not a pleasant experience. It was, however, a startling experience. Here was a world that was just like the Earth he was taken from – with just a few subtle changes. On top of all this, Brion was given a puzzling assignment by his captors. He was to secretly enter a palace, and kill a dangerous and tyrannical dictator. There was one, small catch – the hated dictator in this world was the mirror image of Brion Bayard. For on this Alternate Earth, Brion is his own worst enemy!

Worlds of the Imperium is available as a Gateway eBook. You can find more of Keith Laumer’s work via his Author page on the Gateway website and read more about him in his entry in The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction.