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This week we have welcomed the following titles to the SF Gateway!   ASGARD’S HEART, the third and final book in Brian Stableford’s trilogy about a planet that contains thousands of worlds inside it – and the one man who will do anything to penetrate its secrets . . .   Eternal hero, eternal warrior, […]


We have some fantastic new Gateway eBooks out this week!   THE COLLECTED GHOST STORIES of M. R. James! Be chilled and thrilled by these tales of the supernatural…   ASGARD’S CONQUERORS by Brian Stableford is the second in this thrilling space opera series of a world with a mystery at its core…   The […]

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We have some fantastic new Gateway eBooks out this week!   The Winds of Limbo by Michael Moorcock – With the appearance of a mysterious cosmic presence who has undeniable charisma the course of Earth’s future is about to change!   The Wrecks of Time by Michael Moorcock – Unless Professor Faustaff can figure which […]

Masterworks Spotlight: The Doomed City

One of the great pleasures of working in publishing is seeing books that deserve to do well . . . do well! That might sound a strange thing to say, but sadly, it’s not always the case that quality will out – especially with translated fiction. Happily, in the case of the late Arkady and […]

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Masterworks Spotlight: The Shape of Things to Come

Our featured SF Masterwork is a prescient look at mankind’s future from the greatest science fiction writer of them all. When a diplomat dies in the 1930s, he leaves behind a book of ‘dream visions’ he has been experiencing, detailing events that will occur on Earth for the next two hundred years. This fictional ‘account […]

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Gateway Welcomes the Lensmen – As They Were Meant to Be Seen!

A few months ago we wished legendary SF cover artist Chris Foss a very happy birthday. Now, we have a present for all who love his art. We’re delightewd to announce that E E ‘Doc’ Smith‘s classic ‘Lensman’ series is now available in eBook from SF Gateway, adorned with the wonderul Chris Foss covers from […]

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Masterworks Spotlight: Neuromancer

Loyal readers of Gateway’s cornucopia of classic science fiction will know by now that relavtively recently we added Wiliam Gibson’s Hugo, Nebula and Philip K. Dick Award-winning novel Neuromancer to our list. After all, we have written about it several times. So, you don’t need telling that we released Neuromancer in eBook in August last year, […]

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Masterworks Spotlight: The Left Hand of Darkness

Last week we posted about Ursula K. Le Guin’s titles in the SF Masterworks series and ended with the news that we were delighted to welcome a new addition: The Left Hand of Darkness. But we didn’t go into any more detail. Why? Well, because a book like The Left Hand of Darkness – on […]

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Ursula K. LeGuin’s Orsinia

Over at the TLS, the always insightful Roz Kaveney looks at The Library of America’s new edition of Ursula K. Le Guin’s Orsinia, which collectes the stories in Orsinian Tales and the novel Malafrena – all set in Le Guin’s imaginary central European country of Orsinia. Malafrena, though, deserves to be ranked alongside The Dispossessed […]

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Happy Birthday, William Gibson!

The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel. With this iconic opening line from his debut novel, Neuromancer, William Gibson lit the blue touch paper on the nascent sub-genre known as Cyberpunk. Although Gibson did not invent Cyberpunk (that honour goes to Bruce Bethke in the November 1983 […]

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Masterworks Spotlight: The First Men in the Moon

It might not be one of the Father of Science Fiction’s most scientifically literate novels, but it remains a great favourite . . . As we approach the fiftieth anniversary of the Apollo landing, let’s step back in time to when walking on the Moon was little more than a fantasy, with The First Men […]

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Masterworks Spotlight: The Time Machine

It’s only one of the most famous novels of . . . <ahem> all time . . . Continuing our celebration of the classic SF of H.G. Wells, we are delighted to present The Time Machine, in a new paperback edition with an introduction by Gwyneth Jones: A Victorian scientist develops a time machine and […]

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