Masterworks Spotlight: The Day of the Triffids

We are delighted to welcome back to the SF Masterworks a modern classic of a science fiction: The Day of the Triffids, the novel that invented the ‘cosy catastrophe’.

When Bill Masen wakes up in his hospital bed, he has reason to be grateful for the bandages that covered his eyes the night before. For he finds a population rendered blind and helpless by the spectacular meteor shower that filled the night sky, the evening before. But his relief is short-lived as he realises that a newly-blinded population is now at the mercy of the Triffids.

Once, the Triffids were farmed for their oil, their uncanny ability to move and their carnivorous habits well controlled by their human keepers. But now, with humans so vulnerable, they are a potent threat to humanity’s survival. It is up to people like Bill, the few who can still see, to carve out a future for the human race . . .

The Day of the Triffids will be published as an SF Masterworks hardback on May 12th, and will be followed by The Chrysalids in June and The Midwich Cuckoos in September.