Harlan Ellison 1934-2018

We were saddened to hear of the passing of the legendary Harlan Ellison yesterday. Often controversial, always unequivocal and forever one of our finest writers, Harlan Ellison will be missed.

During the course of an illustrious career he wrote over 1700 short stories, novellas, screenplays, essays, anthologies and novels. He won seven Hugos, three Nebulas and, in 2005, was named a SFWA Grandmaster.

He was one of the defining authors of New Wave SF, and was close contemporaries with such notable writers as Robert Silverberg, Isaac Asimov, Michael Moorcock, Samuel R Delaney, Damon Knight, and Philip Jose Farmer to name very few. His most notable works crossed genre boundaries with such familiar titles as I Have No Mouth & I Must Scream, Repent, Harlequin! Said The Ticktockman. His work for TV – including the classic Star Trek episode The City on the Edge of Forever and work consulting on Babylon 5 – was hugely influential. His most famous anthology, Dangerous Visions, remains a seminal collection.

Harlan Ellison (1934-2018). Rest in Peace. Please don’t sue us.