Rachel Pollack

Happy Birthday to Rachel Pollack!

Today, Gateway wishes a very happy to birthday to SF writer, comic book writer and expert on divinatory tarot, Rachel Pollack, born in Brooklyn in 1945. Highly regarded for her influence on the women’s spirituality […]

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Happy Birthday, Rachel Pollack!

Gateway wishes a very happy to 70th birthday to Rachel Pollack, born on this day in Brooklyn, New York.  She is well known as a science fiction writer, comic book writer and expert on divinatory […]

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SF Gateway & Gollancz: the World Fantasy Award Winners

So far this year, we’ve looked at how Gollancz and SF Gateway have fared in the Hugo, Nebula, Arthur C. Clarke, BSFA, John W. Campbell Memorial and British Fantasy Awards. Now, as we move towards the […]

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New Book of the Week: Godmother Night

Our current New Book of the Week won the 1997 World Fantasy Award for best novel: Rachel Pollack‘s Godmother Night. Almost a set of short stories, this novel breaks into discrete episodes, centered on identity, […]

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SF Gateway: the Arthur C. Clarke Award-winners

A few weeks ago, we highlighted our success over the lifetime of the BSFA Awards, with SF Gateway and Gollancz combined having a staggering 33 of the 43 winners to date. We’re hoping that will […]

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