SF Gateway: the Arthur C. Clarke Award-winners

A few weeks ago, we highlighted our success over the lifetime of the BSFA Awards, with SF Gateway and Gollancz combined having a staggering 33 of the 43 winners to date. We’re hoping that will go up to 34 out of 44, when this year’s award is announced 65th Eastercon in Glasgow, the weekend after next, with Paul McAuley‘s Evening’s Empires and Christopher Priest‘s The Adjacent Gollancz’s representatives on an exceptionally strong five-book shortlist.

With the award season almost upon us, and the Arthur C. Clarke Award following hot on the heels of the BSFA Awards, we thought – in for a penny, in for a pound – that we’d take a look at how our books have fared in the UK’s other premier genre award. And the answer, again, is: very well, thank you. Although we couldn’t claim to have quite the stranglehold we have over the BSFA (well, we could . . . but we’d be lying), books published by Gollancz or SF Gateway account for a very creditable 12 out of 27 winners. as before, some have always been Gollancz titles, while others were first published by other imprints but are Gollancz or SF Gateway now . . .

1988 The Sea and Summer, George Turner (SF Gateway eBook | SF Masterworks paperback)
1989 Unquenchable Fire, Rachel Pollock (SF Gateway eBook | SF Masterworks paperback)
1990 The Child Garden, Geoff Ryman (SF Masterworks paperback)
1991 Take Back Plenty, Colin Greenland (SF Gateway eBook | SF Masterworks paperback)
1992 Synners, Pat Cadigan (SF Gateway eBook | SF Masterworks paperback)
1992 FoolsPat Cadigan (SF Gateway eBook)
1996 FairylandPaul McAuley (SF Gateway eBook |Gollancz paperback)
1999 Dreaming in Smoke, Tricia Sullivan (SF Gateway eBook)
2003 The Separation, Christopher Priest (Gollancz eBook |Gollancz paperback)
2007 Nova Swing, M. John Harrison (Gollancz eBook |Gollancz paperback)
2008 Black Man, Richard Morgan (Gollancz eBook |Gollancz paperback)


Not too shabby, if we do say so ourselves – and, of course, there remains the chance that we’ll make it 13 out of 28 should either Philip Mann‘s The Disestablishment of Paradise or Christopher Priest‘s The Adjacent triumph on the 1st May.

Coming Soon: the Nebula Award-winners . . .