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In TOWER OF THE MEDUSA, when in the distant future science has evolved into an art indistinguishable from magic, Kirin the thief must defeat the Witch Queen and thwart her plans to conquer the entire galaxy


Carl Magner has been having bad dreams in THE FACE OF HEAVEN and he shouldn’t be because they’ve been banished from the society of the Euchronian Millennium who live on a world-spanning platform high above Earth – which isn’t as barren of life as they would believe . . .


When Karl Glogauer, time traveller and unlikely Messiah, finds himself in Palestine in 29AD he is shocked to meet the man known as Jesus Christ – a drooling idiot. Moorcock’s intense, delicate and brutal BEHOLD THE MAN won the Nebula Award in 1966.


In LOST WORLD OF TIME Only Sargon, a Barbarian and an Outsider, could stem the slaughter. Only he could wield the deadly golden maul, covered with the dust of centuries. Only he was fated to test the necromancy of Shadrazar, the Black Lord of Chaos. But Sargon was mortal . . .


THE DRAGON IN THE SWORD is the third and final installment in Moorcock’s epic Eternal Champion trilogy!

Tower of the Medusa The Face of Heaven Behold the Man Lost World of Time The Dragon in the Sword


Frank Herbert’s DUNE needs no introduction. Multi-award-winning and truly epic, it is one of the greatest SF classics. The entire Dune series, comprised of six novels, is now available in two bumper omnibuses: THE GREAT DUNE TRILOGY and THE SECOND GREAT DUNE TRILOGY.

The Great Dune Trilogy The Second Great Dune Trilogy

In THE SHORES OF DEATH, with Earth teetering on the brink of extinction, only one man dares to defy the legacy of the Spaceraiders – Clovis Marca, the twilight man.


DOWN THERE IN THE DARKNESS is a complex and morally tortuous vision of a distant future in which contemporary industrial civilization has been “cleansed” from the earth by a corrupt genetic engineering corp


JERRY CORNELIUS is an English assassin, physicist, rock star, and messiah to the Age of Science. Mainstay of the infamous and influential magazine NEW WORLDS and star of some of Moorcock’s most celebrated novels, here are the stories which made his name.


Featuring foppish young Filidor Vesh, the irascible dwarf Gaskarth, perilous wild beasts, enraged mobs and a particularly nasty thaumaturge, FOOLS ERRANT is wise, witty and just a little weird.


THE WELL-FAVOURED MAN – first in a trilogy – is a courtly, complex, bloody-minded fantasy for those who love Roger Zelazny’s Amber, Ellen Kushner’s Swordspoint and the fantasy adventures of Steven Brust.

The Shores of Death Down There in the Darkness Jerry Cornelius Fools Errant The Well-Favoured Man