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The adventures of Eric Carstairs in the subterranean world of Zanthodon continue in DARYA OF THE BRONZE AGE, as he fights to save his beloved Dara the Cro-Magnon princess.


In PHOENIX IN OBSIDIAN, the Eternal Champion who was once Erekose must take up the Black Sword, the monstrous weapon that demands blood – be it friend’s or foe’s – before his tortured soul can rest.


Lin Carter’s epic Zanthodon series about the hidden world that lies beneath the shifting sands of the Sahara concludes with ERIC OF ZANTHODON!


Darya of the Bronze Age Phoenix in Obsidian Eric of Zanthodon

In THE GATES OF EDEN the explorer vessel Ariadne – thought lost – calls home for a xenobiologist. The planet they’ve discovered is inhabitable, but the nature of the planet’s “people” is an enigma that could spell doom to all civilization . . .


THE MAN WHO LOVED MARS is the first in Lin Carter’s Mars trilogy. The treasure of Ilionis brought Earthmen Ivo Tengren and scientist Keresny on a strange and difficult journey to the city’s gates. And now an even stranger journey was about to begin . . .


What is the multiverse and what are its origins? In THE SUNDERED WORLDS Moorcock answers these critical questions about the Eternal Champion, who serves the Cosmic Balance in the battle between Law and Chaos through the many planes and levels of existence.


In the far future of FIREFLY Earth is dying. Society has reverted to a more primitive life, and two brothers set out to find the time traveller, the one person who can give purpose to their existence, who can still access past technology.

The Gates of Eden The Man Who Loved Mars The Sundered Worlds Firefly