This week we have welcomed the following titles to the SF Gateway!


In Moorcock’s THE ICE SCHOONER the world lay frozen under a thousand feet of ice. Only in the Eight Cities of the Matto Grosso did men still live. But legend told of a city far to the north – fabled New York – whose towers rose above the ice…


THONGOR AND THE WIZARD OF LEMURIA is the famous first adventure of the mightiest warrior-hero since Conan. Only Thongor and his companions stand between mankind and the night of doom brought down upon them by the ancient dragon kings.


In THE PARADOX OF THE SETS the final contact made by the Daedalus Mission begins badly and nothing seems to make sense. For Alex Alexander and the crew there’s too much at stake not to take it to the very limit of possibility, no matter what the cost.


Fleeing a sick world Ryan freezes his family into suspended animation and sets off for the planet Munich 15040 to re-establish a happier Order in a New World. But he has been travelling for three years and he is alone and lost… in THE BLACK CORRIDOR!



The Ice Schooner Thongor and the Wizard of Lemuria The Paradox of the Sets The Black Corridor