We have published four new excellent titles on the SF Gateway this week!


SEXUAL CHEMISTRY AND OTHER TALES brings together the ten earliest stories in Brian Stableford’s series “Tales of the Biotech Revolution”. The collection begins and ends with flamboyant utopian fantasies boldly asserting the perfectibility of humankind.


Seeking the answer to the mystery of life, Captain Oswald Bastable is thrown through time to a new twentieth century and into the chaos of plague and anarchy to face Black Attila, master of the most terrible weapon ever devised by Man – THE LAND LEVIATHAN


It is 1973 in THE WARLORD OF THE AIR and the stately airships of the Great Powers hold benign sway over a peaceful world. The balance of power is maintained by the British Empire, yet not all the Empire’s citizens support the marvellous equilibrium…


In 30 DAY WONDER the Monolithians have picked a reporter, just your average guy with a sense of humour and reasonable views on human rights, to head up their public-relations program and spread their message: Act peaceful. Love thy neighbor. Obey the law. Why, people could go mad living that way. And many would…


The Warlord of the Air Sexual Chemistry and Other Stories 30 Day Wonder The Land Leviathan