We’re excited to share the new titles published on the SF Gateway this week!


Published in 1976, THE MIND-RIDERS features a remarkable anticipation of VR gaming. Ryan Hart, banished from physical boxing in its early days due to his lack of marketable emotion, is brought back into the virtual ring by an obsessed media exec who wants the reigning champion beaten at any cost . . .


THE STEEL TSAR finds Chrononaut Oswald Bastable travelling back in time from a shell-shocked Singapore to a Russian Empire seething with conflict. Here he meets up with fellow-time-traveler Miss Una Persson, and together they change the course of history!


Sam Turner thought he had left the interstellar war between Earth and its rebellious colonies behind him forever. “Forever” turned out to be eleven years, which is how long it took for another Independent Reconaissance Unit to belatedly respond to his distress call. Find out what happens in THE WIZARD AND THE WAR MACHINE!


Thongor’s goal seems simple in THONGOR AGAINST THE GODS – rescue his princess from her kidnapper. But on the lost continent of ancient Lemuria, where science is hardly distinguishable from sorcery, things are seldom clear-cut . . .


The Steel Tsar The Wizard and the War Machine The Mind-Riders Thongor Against the Gods