We have some fantastic new Gateway eBooks out this week!


The Winds of Limbo by Michael Moorcock – With the appearance of a mysterious cosmic presence who has undeniable charisma the course of Earth’s future is about to change!


The Wrecks of Time by Michael Moorcock – Unless Professor Faustaff can figure which of the fifteen Earths is the real one, it spells disaster not only for every parallel Earth, but all civilization in the universe!


Jurgen by James Branch Cabell – An epic fantasy voyage and erotic fable which was, and remains, a ground-breaking early fantasy novel.


Journey to the Underground World by Lin Carter – In the bazaars of North Africa legends tell of lost treasure caravans, of weird monsters forgotten by time, of savage peoples surviving out of antiquity . . .


Asgard’s Secret by Brian Stableford – Asgard’s outer layers are cold, its builders presumed dead. Exploiters from a hundred worlds are scavenging among the ruins – but deep down there might still be life . . .

The Winds of Limbo Journey to the Underground World Asgard's Secret Jurgen The Wrecks of Time