Hellos and Goodbyes

A couple of changes are coming up for the SF Gateway website from next month: one presaged last year and one a response to circumstances.

So, as noted when the Xmas Sale started last year, it’s ‘hello again’ to the Author of the Month slot, which will continue much as it left off in December, attempting in some small way to highlight the many fine authors who now call SF Gateway home for their backlists. We’re also making the SF Gateway Omnibus of the Week a regular feature for the foreseeable future. We’ve got a full programme of omnibuses coming this year and it we thought they deserve a spot of their own on the homepage.

However, in order to fit those two spots in, we’ll have to say goodbye to one of the other spotlights. So it’s a fond farewell – for now, at least –  to the Readers’ Choice slot. We’ve really enjoyed seeing what you’ve been reading and recommending over the last twelve months, and we thank each and every one of you who submitted your favourites. But it is starting to be the same keen people recommending over and again, and that – coupled with the fact that we still have SF and Fantasy Masterworks and new SF Gateway eBooks coming throughout the year, which we feel we need to highlight – has led us, reluctantly, to decide to retire the Readers’ Choice spotlight.

We may bring it back in the future – and just because it’s not on the home page anymore doesn’t mean you should stop recommending books to each other. If there’s enough interest on the forum and on Twitter, we’ll run the odd blog post sharing your selections.

Thanks again to everyone who submitted books to the Readers’ Choice promotion. It certainly pointed us in the way of a few new discoveries and we hope it did the same for others.