Sheri S Tepper

Announcing the SF Gateway Omnibuses

Enter the SF Gateway . . . Towards the end of 2011, in conjunction with the celebration of fifty years of coherent, continuous science fiction and fantasy publishing, Gollancz launched the SF Gateway with a view […]

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Happy Birthday Sheri S. Tepper

Today we wish a Happy Birthday to Sheri S. Tepper, author of Beauty, Grass and The Gate to Women’s Country, among many other fine and much-loved books. Born in Colorado in 1929, her first contributions […]

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SF Gateway Author of the Month: Redux

With last week being dominated by the terrible news about Iain Banks, we felt it only fair to give Author of the Month, Gordon R. Dickson, a second outing on the blog. So, please forgive […]

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SF Masterwork of the Week: Grass

GRASS by Sheri S. Tepper SF Gateway eBook | SF Masterworks paperback What could be more commonplace than grass, or a world covered over all its surface with a wind-whipped ocean of grass? But the […]

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Reflections on Feminism, Ecology and Life from Sheri S. Tepper

We recently sent Sheri S. Tepper the proposed Introduction to her forthcoming SF Gateway omnibus for her comments and thoughts. Accompanying Ms Tepper’s gracious reply was an autobiographical note so extraordinary that we asked her […]

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SF Masterwork of the Week: The Gate to Women’s Country

This week’s SF Masterwork of the Week (anyone know another word for ‘week’, by the way? Using it twice in six words isn’t great practice…) comes from our current Author of the Month, the renowned […]

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SF Gateway Author of the Month: Sheri S. Tepper

Another month down. Can it be March already? Why, yes it can – and that means all change on the SF Gateway home page! As noted at the start of the year on this very […]

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Coming Soon to SF Gateway!

This Friday, 30th November, sees the publication of a number of eBook ‘Boxed Sets’, which we’ve designed to serve as an introduction to some major series and authors. We’re calling them – with what we’re […]

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Arthur C. Clarke Award Shortlist

It’s that time of year again! The Arthur C. Clarke Shortlist has been announced and, love it or hate it, the magic of the shortlist is always the debate it sparks. So are your favourites […]

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